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Real estate broker specializing in the marketing of commercial properties

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Chantal Gagnon

Residential, Commercial and industrial Real Estate Broker
Member of the Leaders' Circle

With an entrepreneurial background, her professional background allows her to fully understand and identify all of her clients’ needs. Her real estate expertise has been built on the realization of the sale of real estate portfolios, the sale of industrial land and the sale and rental of buildings. For more than 15 years to find adequate solutions and thus to concretize your projects and your dreams. Chantal Gagnon knows her market well, has an excellent network of contacts and has surrounded herself with competent people in their fields of expertise such as “engineers, building inspectors, chartered appraisers, geologists, notaries, builders and developers and investors. She is familiar with the regulations and legal aspects of real estate. This strength of negotiation is an asset to reach winning agreements for both parties. ”A dynamic force in Commercial Real Estate.

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